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Product Name:

Super White Bottle Glass Cullet

Item No.:

Bottle glass cullet


Color: Clear, super white, green, blue, or brown

Size: 0.5-4cm, or as your requirement


Packing: Woven bag, wooden crates, or as your requirement

Payment:T/T, L/C

Delivery time:7-15days


Price: USD$160~180/ton


The recycled bottle glass cullet is used for producing glass bottle or epoxy terrazzo. We offer glass cleaning service. Our experience, our customer support, our product quality control make our product so unique. We have been doing this a long time(over 20 years). We don't just sell glass. We truly know how to properly and safely use this media and continue to improve and expand on great custom ideas.
Product Specification 


Clear, super white, green, blue, and brown


0.5-4cm, or as your requirement


We offer cleaning service


Used for producing glass bottle or epoxy terrazzo


Ton bag packing

Delivery Time

7-15 days


About Spring
Spring Glass Factory is ISO9001 manufacturer. It is located in the biggest port city in North China-Qingdao, about 10km only from Qingdao international seaport and 30KM only from Qingdao International airport. The logistics and transportation is convenient and fast.

Spring Glass Factory is the Guider in Recycled Glass Industry in China. It specializes in the production and sale of crushed glass and crushed mirror, the products include crushed mirror, crushed clear glass, crushed colored glass, glass stone, glass rock, glass beads, and glass cullet, the monthly capacity is around 4000 Metric Tons. Our products are used widely in engineered stone, terrazzo, tile, concrete, water filter media, sandblasting media, fire pit, landscaping and many other industries around the world.


Why choose us?

We know that you have many options when it comes to choosing where to buy your product. Were convinced that once you see why were different, your choice will be easy:

Our staff are professional, sincere and high efficient in their work, they communicate with customers in good and polite manner.

We respond promptly to your phone calls and emails.

Our service is always excellent.

Our processing quality is always exceptional.

Our prices are fair.

We have many years experience in processing and trading a wide range of glass products.



Used for producing glass bottle or epoxy terrazz.

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