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3m hollow glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-27
3m Hollow Glass Beads 3m Hollow Glass Beads The patent number is a control content that has emerged over the years with superficial operating capabilities and beyond functions. The product is made of borosilicate with high content, with a particle size of 10-250 microns and a wall thickness of -2 microns. The product has the benefits of grid retention, low heat, odor requirements, and good stability of random combination. It integrates cable metal development surface principles to achieve the function of processing and staying lipophilic petroleum, which is extremely easy to be separated from the content. Neatly. The patent number of 3m hollow glass microbeads is used in the derusting of aviation half-day equipment, the reflection after the evening of the zebra crossing, the no-stop line, the double yellow line of the national transmission road, and the reflection after the evening of the transmission sign. Hollow 3m hollow glass beads The patent number is a hollow steel sphere with fine length and short length, which is an organized non-metallic content. The typical particle size range is -180 microns, and the flow rate is .1-0.25 g/cubic hinge, with benefits such as staying grid, low heat, sound insulation door, high range, electrical and thermal random combination and good stability. This article comes from: Qingdao Surface Treatment Materials Co., Ltd. Website: Keywords: glass beads, glass beads, glass sand
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