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5 yuan glass beads are blown into 6000 yuan night pearls to deceive the elderly

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Buying a batch of glass beads with a diameter of about 1 cm from Yiwu, each for only 5 yuan, after the tinkering of Li Dong (a pseudonym) and others, they can actually sell for 6,000 yuan. Of course, the glass beads have become 'night pearls'. It relies on 'acting skills + nonsense' and uses human greed. On the evening of the 6th, Li Dong was arrested by Tianyuan police at his hometown in Chaling.  50-70-year-old old man   Li Dong, who only has elementary school education, lives by raising ducks in his hometown, he never thought that he could make people 'willingly' get money out of his pocket with a few words. In 2009, Li Dong said that he 'has the mentality of giving it a try' and two fellow villagers, a man and a woman, came to Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province. Here, they also found a key role-a local mysterious person, 'He is Zhou ( A friend of one of the villagers in Chaling, we need a local person.' Li Dong said.   The scam is divided into labor in this way-Li Dong plays the role of an antique purchaser, a local person acts as a supporter, is responsible for 'bringing the cageGo on the road first to find a target: 50-70-year-old grandfather. Buying antiques 'bring a cage'    Li Dong went into battle first, claiming to be an antique buyer, and asked the old man if there are any 'old things' in the neighborhood. The old man shook his head and said that he didn't know. 'I know, there is someone here who has hidden a lot of Ye Mingzhu, which is a good thing.'   The old man came to be interested, and asked Li Dong to wait first, and just come by himself. So I followed the local people responsible for 'bringing the cages' to the pre-arranged consignor. Sure enough, there were a lot of 'night pearls'. First, take one and ask the antique purchaser. When the antique buyer saw it, his eyes suddenly glowed, and he called it 'good stuff   The locals murmured to the old man again: go, bargain with the owner! I came to the owner again, bargained for a while, and sold at 6000 yuan/piece. Uncle Li went to withdraw money without saying a word, and bought 9 of them in one go, for a total of 54,000 yuan. Of course, Uncle Li could no longer find the antique buyer who was thirsty for pearls, and he also disappeared from the owner.   Except for Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province, they used the same method to make a profit of 8,000 yuan in Boye County, Hebei. In the two frauds, Li received a total of more than 10,000 yuan. After two successful attempts, several of Li Dong’s accomplices were arrested by the police one after another, and he himself returned to his hometown in Chaling and started a life of raising ducks. He claimed that he had never thought of returning to his old business. I won't find myself, after all, the locations of the two cases were 'a hundred thousand miles' away from Chaling.   But what I didn't expect was that since the launch of the 'Net Cleanup   'I really only participated in two cases. I found two uncles, and they were all fooled. Maybe people are really greedy!' Li Dong said.
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