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After the expanded glass beads replace the ceramsite, the strength decrease is small

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-23
The strength of expanded glass beads is small after replacing ceramsite 2019-04-12 Expanded glass beads are made of recycled glass products through large-scale grinding equipment to make glass powder, and then mix it with water, expansion agent, binder, etc. evenly. The spheroidizing disc is shaped into spherical particles, and then calcined at a high temperature above 900 ℃. Expanded glass beads have a honeycomb structure inside. The bulk density of the milky white spherical particles with rough surface is 300~350 kg/m3. Mixed with ceramsite, it can be used to formulate all-light concrete with a density lower than 1100. After the expanded glass beads replace part of the ceramsite and ceramic sand, the dry density of all-light concrete is also significantly reduced, by 13.7% and 31.5%, respectively, while the compressive strength is reduced by 4.9% and 18.4%. The compressive strength is significantly reduced. It is smaller than the decrease in dry density, because the bulk density of expanded glass beads is much smaller than that of ceramsite and ceramsite. The dry density of expanded glass beads is reduced after replacing ceramsite and ceramsite. The hardness of the expanded glass beads with a higher degree of vitrification is greater than that of the ceramsite, so the strength of the expanded glass beads is smaller after replacing the ceramsite. (1) The density grade of all-light concrete prepared with high bulk density ceramsite and ceramsite sand is usually greater than 1100. It is difficult to reduce the density grade by adjusting the mixing ratio of cementitious materials and ceramsite. (2) The use of expanded glass beads to replace part of ceramsite and ceramic sand can effectively reduce the density grade of all-light concrete. When the replacement amount of expanded glass beads is 60% of the volume of ceramic sand, the density grade is 1100 and the strength grade is LC15. ( 3) The replacement of some ceramsite and ceramsite with expanded glass beads can not only reduce the density grade of all-light concrete, but also reduce the thermal conductivity of all-light concrete and improve the thermal insulation performance.
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