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Almost all of the glassware in the tombs of the Warring States Period currently excavated are glass rocks

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-28
Road glass beads are mainly used in normal temperature and hot-melt road marking paints. There are two types: premixed and surface sprayed. The premixed glass beads can be mixed in the paint during the production of hot-melt road coatings, which can ensure that the road markings reflect light for a long time during the life of the road. The other can be sprinkled on the surface of the road marking to have an instant reflective effect during road marking construction. Surface-treated coated glass beads are used in road marking construction, which can greatly improve the adhesion of glass beads to hot melt markings, enhance the refractive index of road markings, and have self-cleaning, anti-fouling, Use for moisture proof. Road glass beads are used to improve the reverse performance of road coatings and improve the safety of drivers driving at night. The glass sand is broken by ordinary glass and then sieved into various models, which are irregular shapes. Glass rock is made by sintering glass sand in a gas furnace, most of which are spherical in shape. Reflective glass rocks are divided into ordinary glass rocks and high refractive index glass rocks. Ordinary glass rock is mainly used for road coatings, with a refractive index greater than or equal to 1.5. High refractive index glass rock is mainly used in reflective fabrics, such as traffic police clothes, highway signs and other places. It has existed since the Western Zhou Dynasty. It became popular during the Warring States Period. Almost all the glass wares in the tombs of the Warring States Period excavated are glass rock. Its development is inseparable from the continuous improvement of technology and equipment, and the cleaner glass texture. At the same time, people use less jade for decoration, which cannot meet people's requirements, and promotes the mass production and exquisiteness of glass stone. In 1978, a world-renowned set of chimes was unearthed from the tomb of Zenghouyi in Leigudun, Suixian County, Hubei Province, and many glassstone strings were unearthed. The two strings of glassstone in this picture are funeral objects in this tomb. One of the strings is made of seven monochromatic glass rocks. The beads are round, purple-brown, with smooth surfaces and regular shapes. The other string of beads is beautifully decorated. It is a typical dragonfly eye glass stone. It is mostly oblates of varying sizes. The base color is light blue or green. The surface is decorated with several white and light blue concentric rings. The central part is slightly higher than the surroundings and is convex. This string of vitreous rocks should be made by winding silk, and then dipped in white material and light blue material respectively, and dotted on the beads in a ring shape, and bonded together when both are not completely condensed. Copyright: Keywords: Glass Rock Manufacturer, Glass Rock, Glass Rock Manufacturer, Qingdao Glass Rock, Qingdao Glass Rock
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