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Application of glass beads in plastic modification

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-28
The application of glass microspheres in plastic modification This article chooses to use the hollow glass microspheres pretreated with coupling agent to fill nylon and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene to realize their modification. The purpose of modification is mainly to improve the mechanical properties and heat resistance of these two engineering plastics. If the selected micron glass beads can achieve uniform dispersion in the matrix, not only can the specific strength value of the composite material be improved, but also because the hollow glass beads are inorganic materials, and their main components are SiO_2 and Al_2O_3, they have good properties. Heat resistance, so adding the matrix can improve the heat resistance of the composite material to a certain extent. The thesis uses a series of research and test methods to conduct an in-depth discussion on the mechanical and thermal properties of composite materials, and to characterize the microstructure of composite materials. This article comes from: Qingdao Surface Treatment Materials Co., Ltd. Website: Keywords: glass beads, glass beads, glass sand
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