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Bead Factory: I think glass beads are glass sand

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
There are many methods for metal surface treatment, such as sandblasting, polishing, wire drawing, etc., and shot peening glass beads play a special role in metal surface treatment. Beads Factory Many customer concepts still have original concepts, that is, when you mention sandblasting, they think of emery, quartz sand, white corundum... or think that glass beads are glass sand. In fact, the bead factory is not the case. Shot blasting uses glass beads for surface treatment of precision products. Sandblasting uses glass beads to treat products that do not require high surface treatment accuracy. Glass sand is the original form of glass beads. The glass sand is burned. The system cools into glass beads. The surface of the glass sand is irregular, with edges and corners, no matter the size of the particle size, it basically has certain damage to the sprayed workpiece, and it is rough and dull, there will be scratches, it is easy to cause surface pollution and corrosion, and it will not achieve long-term results. The surface of the glass beads is uniform and smooth. After the shot peening, the surface of the device has a good surface finish with few traces and has a long-term effect. In order to improve the efficiency of sandblasting and the quantity of products, some customers of the bead factory can add some emery in proportion. However, products with high surface shot peening precision should not be mixed with emery, because the use of emery shot blasting will leave many scratches , The shot peening effect cannot be achieved. Bead factory
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