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Beads: application in artificial marble and agate products

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
Application in artificial marble and agate products The larger use of hollow glass beads is artificial marble. In the United States, many manufacturers are using this kind of filler, it has the following advantages: ①Improve the impact performance, the performance of the product manufactured with the correct formula is higher than the requirements of the Artificial Marble Association. ②Improve the texture layout and color continuity, making the product more beautiful and dazzling. ③Reduce the curing time and have a faster mold turnover speed. ④Improve impact strength, improve crack resistance, and reduce product damage rate. ⑤Improve the machinability and reduce the time for flash removal, cutting, drilling and polishing. ⑥Reduce the wear of post-processing tools. ⑦Improve the coloring performance of light colors and reduce the amount of TiO2 (although some darker colors need to be mixed sometimes) ⑧Light weight, making it easier to handle and install, and also reduce transportation costs. The advantages ③~⑧ listed above can significantly reduce costs. Table 1 shows the standard formulation of artificial marble and the formulation containing hollow glass beads. The resin viscosity used is 600-2000cP. The use of hollow glass beads will not increase the viscosity of the mixed system. In this formula, the volume of the hollow glass beads, which account for 3.8% by weight, can reach 26.8%, which will reduce the final weight by 30%. Because the viscosity of the resin, the ambient temperature at the time and the particle size of calcium carbonate are the main factors that affect the viscosity of the mixture system, these factors should be optimized to make the texture smoother and bubbles easier to eliminate, especially when the temperature of the resin is less than 21°C. Beads Ru0026D professionals are composed of old experts and young and middle-aged professionals who have made major breakthroughs in the research of hollow glass microbead products in the early 1980s and have obtained domestic patent rights. After years of unremitting efforts, we have now developed two series of hollow glass bead products with various specifications.
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