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Beads: Briefly explain hollow glass beads for you

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Hollow glass microspheres (Hollow glass microspheres) is a kind of specially processed glass microspheres. Its main feature is that its density is smaller than glass microspheres and its thermal conductivity is worse. It is a new type of micron-level lightweight material developed in the 1950s and 1960s. Its main component is borosilicate. The general particle size is 10~250μm and the wall thickness is 1~2μm. Hollow glass beads have It has the characteristics of high compressive strength, high melting point, high electrical resistivity, low thermal conductivity and thermal shrinkage coefficient. It is known as the 'space age material' of the 21st century. Hollow glass beads have obvious weight reduction, sound insulation and heat preservation effects, so that products have good crack resistance and reprocessing performance. They are widely used in composite materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, artificial marble, artificial agate, and petroleum industry, aerospace , New-type high-speed trains, automobiles and ships, and thermal insulation coatings, etc., have effectively promoted the development of my country's scientific and technological undertakings. Beads are widely used in glass fiber reinforced plastic products, composite foam plastics, artificial marble, synthetic wood, sound insulation materials, putty, deep sea buoyancy materials, bowling balls, low-density adhesives, sealing materials, lightweight resin crafts, wall paintings, wall hanging frames, wall panels Sandwich layer structure, electronic industry lightweight packaging materials, wave absorbing materials, lightweight concrete, emulsion explosives, etc. bead
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