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Beads Factory: Hollow glass beads used in paints and coatings

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Hollow glass beads are used in paints and coatings. Beads Factory Glass beads have the smallest specific surface area and low oil absorption, which can greatly reduce the use of other production components in the coating. The vitrified surface of the glass beads is more resistant to chemical corrosion and has a reflective effect on light. Therefore, the paint coating has anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, anti-yellowing and anti-scratch effects. The densely arranged hollow glass microspheres contain rare gas and have low thermal conductivity, so the coating has a very good thermal insulation effect. Hollow glass beads can effectively enhance the flow and leveling of the coating. The hollow glass beads contain gas and have good resistance to cold and heat shrinkage, thereby enhancing the elasticity of the coating, and greatly reducing the cracking and shedding of the coating due to thermal expansion and contraction. Under the premise of high filling volume, the viscosity of the paint does not increase significantly, so the use of solvents can be reduced, which can reduce the emission of toxic gases during the use of the paint and effectively reduce the VOC index. Recommendations for use by the bead factory: The general addition amount is 10-20% of the total weight. The bead product factory puts the hollow glass microbeads at the end and uses low-speed and low-shear stirring equipment to disperse. Because the microbeads have good spherical fluidity and low friction between them, it is easy to disperse in a short time. It can be damp completely, and the mixing time can be slightly extended to achieve uniform dispersion. Hollow glass beads are chemically inert and non-toxic, but due to their extremely light weight, special attention should be paid when adding them. We recommend a stepwise addition method, that is, the addition amount is 1/2 of the remaining microbeads each time, adding gradually, which can avoid the microbeads floating in the air and make the dispersion more complete. Bead factory
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