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Beads: Hollow glass microbeads can be applied to plastic and rubber

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Hollow glass beads can be used in plastics, rubber beads. Hollow glass beads are used to fill ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene materials. They not only act as a solid lubricant to improve processing fluidity, but also integrate UHMWPE materials. The mechanical properties are modified to improve its strength and wear resistance. The tensile strength, impact strength, hardness and other mechanical properties of nylon 6 with hollow glass beads are improved, and the material aging caused by light and heat can be prevented. As the content of glass beads increases, the Martin heat-resistant temperature of the material increases. Used in the production of bearings, cameras, furniture accessories, etc.; hollow glass beads filled with hard PVC to produce profiles, pipes and plates, which can make the material have good dimensional stability, increase rigidity and heat resistance, and improve production efficiency ; Filling with ABS can improve the dimensional stability of the material, reduce the shrinkage rate, increase the compressive strength and flexural modulus, and improve the surface paint performance. It can be widely used in TV housings, automotive plastic parts, audio equipment, and household appliances Filling with epoxy resin can reduce material viscosity and improve physical and mechanical properties, and can be used to produce syntactic foam, deep-sea submarines, lifeboats, etc.; filling with unsaturated polyester can reduce material shrinkage and water absorption, and wear resistance Improved, beads and less holes during lamination and coating, can produce FRP products, polishing wheels, tools, etc.;
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