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Beads: ordinary flat glass

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
Ordinary flat glass    1, 3--4 centimeter glass, beads mm are also called centimeters in daily life. What we call 3 centimetre glass refers to the thickness of 3mm glass. This kind of glass is mainly used for the surface of the picture frame. 2. 5--6 centimetre glass, beads are mainly used for small areas such as exterior wall windows, door leaves, etc. 3, 7--9 centimetre glass, beads are mainly used for larger areas such as indoor screens but with frame protection In the styling.   4, 9-10 cm glass, beads can be used for indoor large-area partitions, barriers and other decoration projects.   5, 11-12 centimeter glass, beads can be used in floor spring glass doors and partitions with a large flow of people.   6, 15 cm or more glass, beads are generally sold less on the market and often need to be ordered. They are mainly used for the whole glass wall of the outer wall of the larger spring glass door.
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