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Beads: Three characteristics of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
The beaded glass ball, with its smooth and round appearance, coupled with its unique characteristics, has been liked by many people in the industry. If you hear this, people who are not too familiar with glass balls will ask, what kind of physical evidence does the glass ball have? Well, today I will mainly talk about this aspect. For the mainstream glass balls on the market, they all share the following three characteristics: Beads are the first, clearer appearance, and contain less impurities; Beads are second, lighter in weight, for some fillers It is a more suitable choice, and the price is relatively cheap; the third, rounded shape of the bead, is welcomed by many decoration industries; these three characteristics are the common features of all glass balls, and it is precisely because of these three The main feature makes the glass ball famous overseas.
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