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Buying glass beads in large quantities, will you bargain?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
In recent years, there are indeed many manufacturers of products. For many people, I don’t know how to choose, and I don’t know which one is better. In fact, this question is also to look at the actual situation. u200du200dYou can only know what this product is like when you choose according to the actual situation. 1: How to choose the manufacturer? Regarding the choice of manufacturers, this question is actually very professional. The information we obtain through the Internet will be messy. If you are planning to buy glass beads in large quantities, I highly recommend that you go directly to the manufacturer to take a look. You will know, what is the product, and whether this product can meet your requirements? Because the color of glass beads is very different, some manufacturers may not be able to produce the color you need! On the one hand, the consideration of the manufacturer depends on the reputation of the manufacturer and whether the quality meets the requirements in all aspects. On the other hand, it also depends on the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer. 2: How to counter-offer? When discussing the price with the manufacturer, you will find that the manufacturer mainly gives some people who buy in bulk an advantage in terms of price. If you are not buying in bulk, you may not be able to enjoy so many advantages. What should I do? u200du200dWe can buy in single order, if it is a long-term large quantity of glass beads, it is ok. Sign a long-term cooperation contract with the manufacturer, so that you can get a low price!
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