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Can glass beads be used as a sign for reflective signs? Amazing

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-23
In fact, glass beads can be used in a wide range, especially in the following areas. One: As the logo of the reflective sign. For road safety, as well as in airport runways, glass beads are needed because of its better reflective effect. However, in road safety, the requirements for this kind of glass beads will be more special, so before ordering, you should also check the situation of this product to see if it is suitable as a reflector! Two: as an enhancer. Glass beads can be used as additives and reinforcing agents in medical devices and various fields. Three: Used in the machinery industry All those used in the machinery industry can be used to remove rust and paint, and can also be used for mold cleaning. Its comprehensive role is still relatively ideal and diversified. Its comprehensive advantages are indeed relatively obvious, but the requirements of different industries for glass beads do still have a certain distance. When shopping, you still have to look at the actual situation, so that it is easier to choose the right product type. Because the manufacturers of glass beads are also different. So sometimes I really don’t know how to choose. If you don’t know how to choose, you can go to the online glass bead merchant to get a sample to see if this sample can meet everyone’s needs. If it's good, it can prove the comprehensive strength of this manufacturer
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