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Can the beautiful and fun glass beads play a big role in industry? That's very useful

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
Many children like the glass beads on the shiny wafers, and the previous checkers also used this kind of beads as chess pieces. But this kind of beautiful beads can also be used for many purposes in industry. Let's take a look at which aspects can be used? 1. Various important materials in the industry. This kind of beads can exist as a reinforcing agent in the rubber industry or some plastic industries, and it has turned into a 'new materialIt becomes a new kind of paint, that is, the marking paint on the road. As one of the marking paints, the reflective performance of the marking can last for a long time. 2. Finishing materials at work. This kind of beads are used as finishing materials mainly for shot peening operations. For example, in industry, shot peening technology is used to clean the surface effects of some parts and clean up some precious metals or castings , Many manufacturers will choose to add the additive material made of this kind of beads. 3. The decorative function of handicrafts There are many exquisite handicrafts with some shiny glass sand and even heat transfer treatment on some clothing. This kind of beads can also be used, and more people are familiar with the hourglass. It can also be used in the fine quicksand. It can be seen that the use of glass beads is not only to make toys or checkers, but also to become a source of material favored by many industries based on its characteristics and reprocessing.
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