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colored glass rocks for landscaping purchasers
Glass rocks is famous in many different nations which means the purchasers are not just from national areas but also from foreign regions. In this global industry society, a fantastic product will always attract the attention of a customer, which means a supplier is required to make the products be of superior quality and fantastic performance, and create develop new products to maintain its competitiveness at the international market. Thanks to a complete set of sales network, many buyers may look over information through media such as Facebook and Twitter. It's very convenient for purchasers to purchase online.

Qingdao Spring Glass Co., Ltd. is a widely-recognized manufacturer based in China. We focus on the design and production of glass powder. As one of Spring Glass's multiple product series, glass powder series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The quality test of Spring Glass gas fireplace glass rocks is conducted by the quality control team who holds food safety certification in the dining tools industry. There are many reasons why people should choose this product, from the clear environmental and financial benefits of cutting energy use to potential improvements in mental and physical health.

Our aim is to develop crushed glass with high competitiveness to be a highly trusted supplier. Contact!
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