20 years' experience as a glass manufacturer and exporter.

Our crushed mirror glass chippings and crushed glass chips are made of 100% recycled mirrors. The mirrors are collected, crushed and graded. The mirror chippings have been used in many applications but mostly in terrazzo flooring. They have been used on their own or combined with other terrazzo chippings to create a beautiful finish. End usage: engineered stone, terrazzo, concrete building decoration, and tile decoration.

Recycled colored crushed glass chips and glass single-sided mirrors are very effective aggregates for terrazzo bench tops, epoxy terrazzo flooring, kitchen countertops, and both polished concrete house slabs and external polished concrete applications. The clear mirror pieces look great when used either on their own or combined with colored glass. Generally, silver mirrors have more than two layers of paint protection. Once people scratch some of the protective paint on the surface of the mirror, the bottom layer of the silver mirror shows copper color while the aluminum mirror shows silver-white. In general, the back of the silver mirror is dark gray, and the back of the aluminum mirror is light gray.

In terms of brightness, the refractive performance of the silver mirror is better than that of the aluminum mirror, and the silver mirror will appear brighter under the same illumination of light intensity. 

Usually, the size of the crushed mirror glass could be 0.5-1mm, 0.6-1.2mm, 1-2mm, 1.25-2.5mm, 1-3mm, 3-6mm, 6-9mm, etc. The packing includes ton bag/ big bag/ jumbo bag with pallet. Our monthly productivity is more than 1000 tons. We have professional sales teams who can well understand customer’s requirements and offer good service.

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