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Do you feel the price hike of glass products?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
I don’t know if you have noticed it. There is a certain price increase trend for glass products. This is due to a certain reason. With the banning of PC baby bottles, the value of baby bottles of other materials has risen a lot. In pregnancy and infant stores, the prices of PP milk bottles and glass milk bottles have risen, almost doubled. Industry analysts believe that PC baby bottles previously occupied most of the market's sales. After the BPA ban, a huge market has been vacated, making other baby bottles in short supply. Based on supply and demand, major manufacturers' price increases are inevitable. This is also our current situation. A sight to see. We followed the reporter, interviewed some large supermarkets, and visited some supermarkets and maternity stores in Xi'an. In a large supermarket on Youyi Road, a brand of 120 ml PP milk bottle is priced at 24.5 yuan, and another brand of 120 ml PP bottle is 27.5 yuan. A salesperson explained: “The country does not allow the use of PC, and the plastic raw materials are expensive, so the prices have been increased.” At the same time, the price of glass baby bottles has also risen. The person in charge of a chain pregnancy and baby store on Laodong South Road said that due to the prohibition of PC baby bottles, many mothers have less trust in plastic baby bottles, and glass baby bottles are very popular. The price of a brand of 120ml high-temperature resistant glass baby bottle reached 48.5 yuan, an increase of more than 10 yuan over the first half of the year. From June 1, 2011, the state banned the use of bisphenol A in the production and import of infant food containers; from September 1, 2011, the sale of infant food containers containing bisphenol A was prohibited. The reporter found in the market that PC baby bottles had been removed from the shelves before the ban. To a large extent, glass-made baby bottles showed obvious performance. We also found the root cause of the price hike. When we choose, we must carefully observe. According to industry analysts, PC baby bottles previously occupied most of the market's sales. After the bisphenol A ban, a huge market has been vacated and other baby bottles are in short supply. Based on supply and demand, major manufacturers The price increase is inevitable. Experts remind that the advantages of glass baby bottles are that they are safe in material and easy to clean, but they are thick and easy to break, so they are suitable for parents to hold the baby when the baby is young. When the baby grows up and wants to take the bottle by himself, the lightweight PP bottle will come in handy. PP material is a kind of material used in the market to replace PC plastic baby bottles. It is relatively light, not easy to break, and has good heat resistance. However, the service life of plastic baby bottles is generally about half a year, and the service life of glass baby bottles is one year. The demand for baby bottles is relatively large, so we need to conduct relevant analysis and take a calm look at the current situation.
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