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Do you know the use of new material glass beads???

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Glass beads are a new type of material produced in recent years, with a wide range of uses and excellent performance. It is mainly used in the use of composite materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, artificial marble, etc. Its performance can reduce weight, eliminate noise, have heat insulation and heat preservation properties, and the products used can produce anti-cracking and reprocessing properties. In specific application areas, such as aerospace, aviation, yachting, bowling, etc., the company has a good reputation and excellent quality. Increasingly becoming a highly efficient new material.  The product is made of borosilicate raw materials, with stable chemical properties, low thermal conductivity, lipophilic and hydrophobic properties, and can be quickly dispersed in organic materials such as resins. This kind of material was originally a high-tech product. It was not long before my country’s domestic monopoly was broken. After a series of hard research and progress, it has gradually obtained the production patent for this technology. It can be said that the industrialization of glass beads in China has broken the foreign monopoly'.   Small beads have become an indispensable key material for the sky to enter the sea, and naturally become the focus of attention of all parties. Compared with foreign countries, my country has long lacked the technology to independently produce this product, although today, no matter in terms of quality, performance, or variety specifications, it cannot be compared with foreign products. But this does not mean that we stop moving forward. On the contrary, in the near future, under the stimulation of production power, our country's independently developed products will surely shine.
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