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Fengcai Beads Factory: Production method of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
Production method of glass beads Glass microbeads are usually produced by flame floatation method, release agent method and spray method. Among them, the injection method is a one-time molding method, which generally uses mineral raw materials for production. Flame flotation method and release agent method are secondary molding methods, which are usually produced from recycled waste glass as raw materials, and are widely used in China. The basic principle of the flame flotation method is to break the recycled waste glass into particles of a certain size, and send the glass particles into the flame in a certain way. Under the action of the flame, the glass particles are softened, melted, beadized, cooled and solidified. Become glass beads. The basic principle of the release agent method of Fengcai Beads Factory is to break the waste glass into small particles and mix it with a release agent (such as graphite) in a certain proportion, and send it into a furnace rotating at a certain speed for heating. Beaded under the action of surface tension, washed and dried into finished products after cooling. This method can generally also be used to produce fine beads. The diameter of the hollow glass microspheres is generally between, and the wall thickness can be controlled according to the requirements of use. Hollow glass beads can be manufactured from waste glass and water glass as main raw materials. The production process is roughly divided into two stages: bead forming and bead firing. The basic method is to make a colloidal suspension formed by glass powder with a diameter of less than 1um and sodium silicate aqueous solution in a thermal field by spraying. Droplets. The droplets absorb heat and heat up, and water acts as a foaming agent. The glass powder gathers on the surface, and the water glass is concentrated on the surface, and finally a shell-shaped bead made of glass powder and water glass is formed. The semi-finished beads are sintered in a tower furnace and then fired into finished beads through processes such as melting, foaming and annealing.
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