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Glass bead embroidered peony bottle

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
In a booth to the south of the exhibition hall, a porcelain vase covered with peonies was extraordinarily graceful and luxurious. When I came closer, it turned out to be an embroidered work made out of colorful glass beads.   The relevant person in charge said that this technique is called 'bead embroidery\'It is fundamentally different from Su embroidery, chaotic stitch embroidery, and cross stitch. Su embroidery, chaotic stitch embroidery, etc. mainly express works through various colors of silk threads, but bead embroidery expresses works through various glass beads.' Xie Liyu said that although the beads are also connected by silk threads, there is no requirement for silk threads, because there is no trace of silk threads after the entire work is completed. It is understood that the reason why the porcelain bottle can show such a strong sense of simulation is not only the color matching, but also the choice of different shapes of glass beads. 'Through different techniques such as convex embroidery, flat embroidery, string embroidery and vertical embroidery, you can also show a more three-dimensional effect.'
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