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Glass beads can make outdoor movies watch during the day

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Glass Beads The post-80s generation can recall a group of children sitting in the classroom when they were at the darkest time and watching a movie when they were young. At that time, the darker the light, the clearer. But with the passage of time and the improvement of technology, it is not a dream for glass beads to help you achieve outdoor movies during the day. Can we show outdoor movies during the day? can! There is a very reflective glass bead screen that can serve this role. The diameter of the microbeads is much smaller than the diameter of a hair strand. The ability of this screen to reflect light is a thousand times higher than the whitest white paper. As long as the screen is not in direct sunlight, it is very clear even in daytime movies. The glass beads have other uses besides the daytime screen. When it is used as a traffic sign, it will light up immediately when stimulated by car lights in the dark, so that the driver can clearly see the traffic sign 500 meters away. As soon as the vehicle passes by, the light of the sign disappears automatically, and the glass beads are embedded in the lifeboat or lifebuoy, and it is easy to be found in the event of a disaster.
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