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Glass beads for amber

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Because of dissatisfaction with the company, a courier in Liwan District used glass beads to 'packaging' a batch of amber, tourmaline and other jewellery items sent by customers with a value of more than 300,000, in an attempt to take it for himself. Recently, the Liwan District Procuratorate filed a public prosecution against the man on suspicion of embezzlement, and the case is currently under trial.   After the trial, it was found that Liu was a salesperson employed by a well-known express company in Guangzhou. From July 2010, he was assigned to the Liwan Branch as a collection officer, specifically responsible for the collection of goods in the high-value area of u200bu200bLiwan Square.   On the afternoon of September 15, 2011, Liu received and sent goods at various stalls in Liwan Square. When he received the largest box of goods sent to Shenyang at one of the stalls on the day, he was dissatisfied with the company, so he got revenge. And he was responsible for working in high-value areas for more than a year, knowing that the goods received and sent in the areas he was responsible for were high-end and of high value, and he became greedy. Then Liu took the box of goods back to the company’s warehouse for repacking, and privately reposted the courier note on the goods to another self-made box containing 51 glass beads, and then weighed and scanned the documents before sending them to the company. The center is sent to Shenyang. The original goods were intercepted by Liu privately, and he filled out another courier slip and sent it to his aunt who worked in Dongguan. In order to avoid chasing the law, Liu also asked his aunt to buy a new mobile phone number to sign for.   It was identified that the goods to be subcontracted were a batch of amber, tourmaline, and insect jewellery with a total value of more than RMB 300,000. The amount was huge. The stolen goods were recovered and returned to the victim in time.
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