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Glass beads: glass beads broaden new ways of generating income

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
On October 27th, Li Yunlong, a resident of Mingshui Town, Mingshui County, engaged in the processing of glass and rock products, and he embarked on the road to get rich, and also drove many people to 'play' a new road to get rich.   Li Yunlong, who does not have any technology, has been out to work for many years to maintain his family. In 2009, when he was working in Daqing City, he was introduced to the industry of glass and rock product processing through a friend's introduction. After many inspections, he had the idea of u200bu200bgoing home to set up a factory. In July 2009, with the help of friends and relatives, he collected 20,000 yuan to buy back the machine from Zhejiang, and signed a supply contract with a seller in Yiwu Small Commodity City, Zhejiang.  The products processed by Li Yunlong are colorful and crystal clear. From the first glass bead preform to such a finished product, it has to go through several processes such as surface polishing, polishing, cleaning, drying, and stringing. Improper use of machinery for processing glass glass rock products will directly affect the quality of the beads. Li Yunlong went to Zhejiang many times to learn how to use the machine. With excellent technology and product quality, more and more orders follow. Now, he sends goods to Zhejiang once a month, earning a net income of seven to eighty thousand yuan a year.   Li Yunlong’s business has attracted a large number of laid-off workers and rural women to work. Now there are more than 30 laid-off women workers with an average monthly income of more than 2,000 yuan. He is learning new technology and wants to expand the scale of production.
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