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Glass beads: glass beads can be used as shot blasting materials

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
In the news, we have already talked about glass beads as a high-performance, ideal shot peening material. So it is also widely used. Then how to achieve shot peening of glass beads?   Shot peening of glass beads does not require special equipment, and the shot peening machine is general. But it is better to use ultrasonic nozzle nozzle. At present, the liquid sandblasting machine can prevent dust. General purpose 60-150 grid size. According to the surface requirements of the workpiece, the size of the particles can be selected. In general, the precision is high, and the weld grain is refined.   Glass beads are a special process made of glass beads. A new type of blasting material has been developed in recent years. As shot peening, it is mainly used for stainless steel, titanium alloy surface, aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metal products and high hardness mold quenching. The use of these material technologies to replace traditional surface treatment methods has outstanding advantages and also has huge social and economic benefits.  Glass beads can greatly increase the service life of metal parts: the fatigue strength of the metal beads during shot peening is greatly improved, and the service life can be extended several to several tens of times. After cold stamping and cold pressing die are shot blasted, their service life can generally be increased to three times. Metal beads shot blasting, surface texture, no pollution, no corrosion, showing beautiful luster, clean, beautiful and durable stainless steel.
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