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Glass beads: glass beads production process

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
1. Glass beads forming machine 2. Glass beads manufacturing process 3. Glass beads powder floating electrothermal beading method and equipment 4. Glass beads high refractive index measurement method 5. Glass beads continuous manufacturing device and its applications 6. Glass bead interior and exterior wall decoration method 7. Glass bead plastic filling master batch and its processing technology 8. Glass bead screen bead planting device 9, Glass bead surface coloring processing equipment 10, Glass bead modification and strengthening method and method thereof Modified and strengthened furnace 11, method for separating sinking beads from fly ash, 12, method for separating hollow glass beads from fly ash, system 13, large and small bead inlaid array reflective film 14, large and small bead inlaid array Array reflective film 215, fly ash hollow glass bead thermal insulation asphalt 16, fly ash hollow glass bead thermal insulation wall plastering material 17, fly ash hollow glass bead separation method 18, photocatalytic magnetic floating Microbeads and preparation thereof 19, moldable low-density thermoplastic composite materials containing hollow glass beads and mixing method thereof 20, laser-illuminated glass beads refractive index measurement device 21, crystallized glass beads and production process thereof 22 , Manufacturing method of hollow glass microspheres 23, hollow glass bead reflective curb 24, lamp housing 25 with glass beads inside, wet bead milling method for pollen breaking 26, solid transparent glass particle processing method 27, lens and glass Microbead combination traceable reflector 28, microbead retro-reflective peelable coating layer manufacturing method 29, microbead deburring method 30, lead-free high refractive index microbead glass 31, reprocessing of small glass particles Method 32, a glass bead molding furnace 33, a method for producing glass beads 34, an optical drawing board with glass beads 35, a method and device for producing high-refractive glass beads 36, a Glass beads with high adsorption photocatalytic properties 37, a light-storing light-emitting reflective glass beads 38, a burner for sintering glass beads 39, a device for preparing glass beads 40, medical phosphor 32 series glass Microspheres and preparation process thereof 41. Whitening ultrafine hollow glass microspheres and preparation method thereof
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