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Glass beads hit the eye 'nearly blind'

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Zhou Yongcheng's left eye was almost 'invisible' since being hit by a glass marble. 'At first they went to the Red Cross Hospital for a checkup. They said it was just a small problem, but after half a month they went for a review, but the doctor said,'The machine was broken and it was not checked out.' I felt like I was cheated.' Zhou Yongcheng's father Zhou Quanli said. 'What does it mean that the machine is broken?' Zhou Yongcheng is a family member of Qiao, who is at the same table with Song Junwei and is in the second grade. On April 26, these two 13-year-old boys played glass marbles together. You lost me and played with them for a while. 'I didn't catch it by accident.' Zhou Yongcheng said. After being shot in the eye, he felt heartache and was sent to Ludian County People's Hospital. 'The child's eyes were too swollen at the time! The doctor in the county town said that they couldn't treat it and recommended us to the Kunming Red Cross Hospital for treatment.' Zhou Quanli said. On April 27, his son was sent to the Red Cross Hospital. The next day, the doctor prescribed medicine after examination and asked him to go home for recuperation. After returning home, Zhou Yongcheng's eyes no longer felt pain, but he could barely see anything. Zhou Quanli said that on May 14, Zhou Yongcheng came to the Red Cross Hospital for a review again. The doctor said that there were still bloodshot eyes in the child's eyes. 'As soon as I talked about the results of the previous examinations in their hospital, they had nothing to say and said. The machine was broken at the time.' I really don't understand, what does it mean that the machine is broken?' Zhou Quanli said. 'In the next four days, they just asked us to film and then gave us a lot of orders, but we didn't take injections and medicines before we sent our children to the First People's Hospital of Yunnan Province.' Song Junwei's father said. 'Or can only maintain 0.2 vision.' Yesterday afternoon, Dr. Jiang, who was in charge of the treatment, went through the admission procedures for Zhou Yongcheng. 'I looked at the treatment records of the Red Cross Hospital. They were treated conservatively and reasonable. In this case, there is no way to perform an operation immediately.' Dr. Jiang said, because he did not know the specific circumstances of the child's first injury It is impossible to determine whether the Honghui Hospital’s approach has delayed the treatment. “Maybe they did not have the interpretation in place, but the treatment was appropriate.” Dr. Jiang said that Zhou Yongcheng’s eyes are macular holes, and once the macular nerve fibers are damaged, it is difficult to recover. . 'There is no way to perform surgery.' Dr. Jiang said that they would stay in the hospital for observation of Zhou Yongcheng, but the best case can only maintain 0.2 vision or slightly improve, 'recovering to the previous situation is almost impossible.'
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