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Glass beads production process

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-01
With the progress and development of society, the number of manufacturers of glass rock has been increasing. At the same time, the application of glass rock in daily life has become more and more extensive. Walking on the road, you can see the light emitted by the glass rock on the road. , You can see a lot of glass rock crafts. In large shopping malls, you can also see the shadow of glass rock on many clothes and shoes. The influence of glass rock on our daily life has become more and more serious. Many people in glass rock manufacturers may not know what it is, and maybe many people have not heard of it. But in the city, if you go shopping or exercise at night, you should notice the zebra crossing, no stop line and other lines on the traffic road. Very bright light will be reflected from the bottom. In fact, these are glass beads at work. In addition, the traffic signs are also equipped with glass beads, which will reflect light at night, allowing people to see their location more clearly, and guiding people to travel safely. Colored glass rock 1. To produce glass beads, you must first choose raw materials The quality of the raw materials determines the quality of the glass beads produced in the future. The raw materials should be clean, free of impurities, and glass with good strength and toughness. Process glass rock 2. Choose good glass and then smash the glass sand. Use the glass to smash into glass sand. According to the size of the particle size, smash into uniform and moderate glass sand, so as to save manpower and material resources when firing. 3. The crushed glass sand can be cut and fired by making a sintering furnace by ourselves, adjusting the natural gas temperature to 1200 degrees, and checking the quality and hardness while firing. Qingdao Glass Rock 4. The fired glass beads are semi-finished products and enter the vibrating screen for screening. 5. Stir the sieved glass beads according to a certain ratio. Glass rock manufacturers, stained glass rocks, craft glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, natural glass rocks, stained glass rocks, Qingdao glass rocks, Qingdao craft glass rocks, Qingdao natural glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, Huizhou glass rocks, Zhongshan Glass Rock, Guangzhou Glass Rock Website:
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