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Glass beads: the children's toys you think are actually very useful

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
I still remember the childhood when the childlike innocence was soaring, playing glass beads is one of the games that will never get tired of after 1980s. Most people may still have an impression of it on toys or beaded ornaments, but they do not realize that these small beads have unexpected uses. 1. Don't panic when driving at night. Most people who drive by car know that when we drive at night, when we turn on the lights, the road signs will reflect light so that the driver can recognize the direction and act as a warning. But few people understand why these road signs reflect light? In fact, it is precisely because these small beads are mixed in the paint that these road markings can achieve a reflective effect, which greatly facilitates people to travel at night and reduces the occurrence of night accidents. 2. With it in industrial casting, do not be afraid of accurate wear resistance. Because glass beads have good wear resistance and low cost, they are usually used in large quantities on industrial appliances. After special processing, these workpieces can become more accurate High, and extend its service life. 3. Art processing needs it. The sparkling and beautiful glass beads can be used as toys by themselves. After processing, they become a kind of material in the shaping of crafts, which can make these crafts more beautiful.
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