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Glass beads: the corrosion resistance of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
The anti-corrosion performance of glass beads has now received widespread attention, especially in road construction and transportation construction. Especially the night reflections of urban traffic roads and the night reflections of traffic signs can still obtain good visual effects in the environment with poor visual light, so that people can easily identify the driving route they need during driving. . Because glass beads have a good optical reflection effect and are very resistant to corrosion, roads containing glass beads in the road are difficult to repair once. Now the environmental pollution is relatively serious, especially the gas emitted by urban vehicles is easy to form above the city Acid rain, acid rain is very corrosive to roads, but now the appearance of glass beads has greatly increased the corrosion resistance of roads. Acid rain has no longer threatened such roads. The reflective performance of glass beads is also very useful at night, especially the section of zebra crossing. In the past, zebra crossings that did not use glass beads were difficult to find at night for pedestrians and vehicles. Traffic accidents often occur, but now glass is added. After the beads, the zebra crossing will appear in people's eyes at a glance.
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