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Glass beads: the moisture-proof effect of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
Now the status of glass beads in the building materials industry has been greatly improved than before, especially in road construction. Especially glass beads have a strong moisture-proof effect after coating, so we must choose glass beads before road construction, especially glass beads after coating. The light and shadow reflection effect of    glass beads is very good. As a road construction material, it can perfectly reflect the optical effect inside. If glass beads are laid in an environment with low visibility, which is relatively humid and cold, then glass beads that have not been coated cannot bear such a burden, and the life of glass beads will also Decline rapidly. In order to improve the environmental adaptability of glass beads, we must add a film on the surface of the glass beads. When we produce glass beads, we must improve the environmental adaptability of glass beads. Only by adapting to the adapted environment can we achieve the effect we need.
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