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Glass beads: Two yuan glass balls pretend to be high-priced crystal beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
“Of the ten crystal necklaces sold on the street, seven of them may be fake, and maybe two of the remaining three are inferior.” A few days ago, at the Baohe Crystal Science Exhibition, a crystal expert commented so far. According to the current situation of the crystal market, he believes that the phenomenon of indistinguishable authenticity and shoddy is very common in the crystal market in Shanghai. Glass beads http://mcbl.com    Natural crystal is an ancient gem that grew up 75 million years ago. Because of its transparency like water, crystal hard, and extremely cold, it is regarded as 'thousand-year ice'. In recent years, all kinds of jewelry made of crystal have become popular, especially by female consumers. However, a large amount of market demand also allows illegal traders to take advantage of it.  According to experts, the most common materials used to impersonate natural crystals on the market are glass and lead crystal. A string of beads made from a glass tube into a necklace costs only two or three yuan, but in the hands of retailers, it can be listed for 380 yuan and 480 yuan. In addition to counterfeit natural crystals, there are many shoddy products in the market. It is also natural crystal, but due to different colors, different qualities, and processing techniques, the price of crystal jewelry can vary by hundreds or even thousands of yuan. Most natural crystals contain impurities, and the purer crystal products cost more materials. Therefore, the industry usually regards crystals with 'transparent inside and outside without flaws and no visible man-made flaws on the surface' as the highest level, namely AAA.   There is currently no strict grading standard for natural crystals. The price department cannot monitor the prices of merchants. Consumers know very little about this. This has led to repeated prohibitions of substandard crystals and fake products. This time, the crystal science exhibition initiated by Shanghai Baohe Crystal Products Co., Ltd., through actual products and exhibition boards, introduces common sense about the identification, use and maintenance of natural crystals to people. Experts remind consumers that they can distinguish the authenticity by 'touching temperature, weight, and hardness' when purchasing, because natural crystals are cool, heavy, and hard.
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