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Glass, glass beads, fire prevention

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
We know that many decorations now use glass, glass beads and other decorations. How to achieve fire protection. Nowadays, many buildings, ordinary glass and glass beads cannot meet the existing needs. Fireproof glass has light transmission. It has the characteristics of good performance, high strength, and good fire resistance. It is widely used in curtain walls, fire partition walls, fire partitions, fire windows, fire doors, etc. of various high-rise buildings and large space buildings. This is what we need to study today about the fire-resistant properties of glass and glass beads.  Let’s look at the development history of glass. Compared with the decades of fire-resistant glass, glass itself has a long history. It may first appeared in Egypt or the U.S. Pat. It was between 3000 BC and 2000 BC, but there is also evidence that humans began glazing pottery as early as 8000 BC. Chinese glass and glass beads have a considerable history and a certain origin. It can be said to have a certain history. In ancient China, glass was called Liuli and Puli, and its history is also quite long. Judging from the unearthed glassware, the glass craftsmanship from the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Warring States Period in my country has matured. Dragonfly eye glass beads and imitation jade glassware appeared at the end of the Spring and Autumn Period and the beginning of the Warring States period. This exotic Chinese glass bead reflects both China and foreign countries. There are several classifications of fireproof glass. First, according to the classification of fire resistance grades, fireproof materials are classified into different grades and different characteristics. Fireproof glass for construction is classified according to fire resistance: Class A (fireproof glass that also meets the requirements of fire integrity and fire insulation ) Class B (fireproof glass that meets the requirements of fire resistance integrity and heat radiation intensity at the same time), Class C (fireproof glass that meets the requirements of fire resistance integrity) Second, the use of classification according to the purpose is very particular. In the process of use, what we need to use is how to choose the basic fireproof material. According to the purpose of use, fireproof glass is divided into fireproof glass for construction And other fire-resistant glass, such as fire-resistant doors, windows, glass curtain walls and other fire-resistant partitions in building fire-resistant glass; other fire-resistant glass, such as fire-resistant glass for ship windows and rectangular fire-resistant glass for ships. Third, classification according to product structure  The structure of products is also different. How we choose products, we should start with the structure, understand and classify the structure. According to the regulations of GB15763.1-2001 'Safety Glass and Fireproof Glass for ConstructionThe fire-resistant properties of different glass are different. In the field of construction, the fire-resistant properties of glass and glass beads are now getting stronger and stronger. With continuous progress and continuous improvement, our application in the field of glass is very important. widely.
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