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Glass rock coating technology-professional production of glass rock

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-27
Glass rock coating technology    glass surface coating, the surface is not corroded, glass rock is in a relatively humid environment during storage and use, the surface is easy to deliquesce, causing light scattering, thereby affecting the retroreflective characteristics. The glass rock coating material is an organic material. It has good co-solubility with road coatings. It is not easy to fall off when sprayed on the surface of the marking line. Especially when used on the coating line at room temperature (including water-soluble coatings), it has strong adhesion and can be long Time to maintain the reflective effect.   coated glass rock has good adhesion to road coatings. Therefore, through reasonable glass particle classification, the settling rate of the glass rock after surface spraying is controlled to ensure that the markings always maintain a good reflective effect.  The coated glass rock has good fluidity, does not agglomerate, spreads evenly, is easy to construct, and guarantees the reflective effect. It is practically proven to save about 15% in consumption.
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