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Glass rock is closely related to our lives

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-27
With the changes in people's life concepts, our choices in the materials of daily daily necessities have also changed a lot. Glass products are closely related to our lives. The increasing number of glass products in our lives explains this problem to a large extent. For example, the glass rock curtains in our lives, or the glass pot covers and glass plates used for cooking.   In addition to these, glass also has a high degree of application in industry. Even if glass itself is a relatively common industrial raw material, we most often see glass windows, which is a concentrated embodiment of glass as a building material. However, in industry, glass appears in a smaller form, such as vitreous rock.  Glassite is often used in industry as a unique material to protect the surface of machinery or to strengthen the hardness of metal surfaces. The raw material for the manufacture of glass rock is a kind of high-quality glass shards. This piece of glass shards are rolled and then melted at a high temperature for surface treatment, and then after the formation of a ball, it undergoes a cooling treatment. This is to prevent the thermal stress of the glass from causing damage to the glass rock itself. The post-processing of    glass rock is also quite convenient, the smaller the glass rock, the more convenient it is to process. But the working performance of small glass rocks is not as good as that of large glass rocks.
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