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Glass rock manufacturer sandblasting, shot blasting, grinding

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-01
1. Shot peening to extend the life of the machine parts. Glass is used as a medium to shot peening the machine parts, which can better improve the fatigue life and stress corrosion resistance of the machine parts. 2. It is used for forming and correcting many complex-shaped sheet metal parts. Through specific pneumatic parameters, glass beads are used to impact the planned sheet into a special mold. 3. Clean the surface of the workpiece: punching, forging, Forging, glass, rubber, plastic, metal casting, extrusion and other mold cleaning. Integrated circuit section, cleaning and deburring before plastic sealing and tinning 4. Special glass rock, glass sand and colored glass rock for handicrafts are used for clothing printing, clothing heat transfer, Christmas tree surface decoration, artificial fruit, artificial flower crafts surface decoration, and hourglass Ideal material for quicksand! 5. High refractive index glass beads are reflective fabrics, reflective coatings, chemical coatings, advertising materials, clothing materials, reflective films, reflective fabrics, reflective signs, airport runways, shoes and hats, school bags, water, land and air life-saving supplies, and night activities Necessary materials for personnel wear and other products. 6. Glass beads are also widely used as a new type of material in various fields such as medical equipment, nylon, rubber, engineering plastics, and aviation. Such as additives, enhancers, etc. Copyright: Keywords: Glass Rock Manufacturer, Glass Rock, Glass Rock Manufacturer, Qingdao Glass Rock, Qingdao Glass Rock
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