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Glass rock manufacturer ultra-high production technology level

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-02
Everyone knows that glass rock manufacturers have universal applications as decorations, but it’s the first time I have heard of it to use millions of crystal clear glass rocks to make a wedding dress. It is the super high level of production technology, and the dazzling millions of glass rocks! The owner and designer of this luxurious wedding dress is Minnesota artist Gail Be. She spent more than three years creating this wedding dress weighing 180 kilograms, made of more than 1 million beads. The 20.5-foot-long trail uses 7 miles of beaded wire, 500,000 glass rocks, and more than 400,000 crystals. This is probably not only the heaviest wedding dress in the world, but also the most dreamy wedding dress in the world. It is not easy to complete this work. This is a new miraculous record about Glass Rock. She hopes that this wedding dress can appear in the movie and eventually be collected by the museum. The production of Qingdao glass rock in my country is large, not only used in industry, but also very common as decorations. The sweetness is what everyone likes. The 'sweetness' of glass sand is the benefits brought by the use of glass sand and the enjoyment brought by the use of glass sand. Glass sand is manufactured in large quantities in my country, and Qingdao glass sand is one of the important production and processing sites in my country. my country's technology in the production of glass sand has been quite mature after transformation, so the glass sand we produce is not only for our own industrial use, but also for export trade. Such a development scenario is excellent. Glass sand is used for glass surface decoration, such as glasses, vases, lampshades, etc. The glass sand is fused with the glass workpiece to form an uneven three-dimensional surface. In addition, colored glass sand can also be used in the field of decoration or art. Copyright: Keywords: Glass Rock Manufacturer, Glass Rock, Glass Rock Manufacturer, Qingdao Glass Rock, Qingdao Glass Rock
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