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Glass rock manufacturers Stained glass rock and the use of glass rock

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-02
1. The chemical composition is inert silica, no chemical activity interference concerns; 2. Round elastic particles, impact resistant, can be cycled many times, and less loss; 3. Small abrasion on the spray and prolong the service life of the nozzle; 4. The surface of the ball , Will not damage the processing surface and precise dimensions; 5. After treatment, the surface of the workpiece is smooth, with special aesthetics, and improve the value of the product; 6. Suitable for dry and wet sandblasting operations; 7. Fine glass rock for metal micro cracks in wet sandblasting It is easy to display afterwards; 8. It has a matte effect for the processed workpiece, highlights the metal color, does not rust, etc., does not need pickling and rust removal. Uses: 1. Beading aviation parts to eliminate their stress and increase fatigue Strength, and reduce friction and wear; 2. Sandblasting, rust removal, paint removal, carbon deposition, and machining knife marks; 3. Anodizing and pre-plating treatments, in addition to cleaning, it can increase adhesion; 4. Welding bead cleaning of stainless steel workpieces and removal of surface scratches and other aesthetic processing; 5. Clean and rust removal of wire cutting molds; 6. Decontamination of rubber molds; 7. Road markings for reflection; 8. Art appearance decoration; Shape: What is the convenience of using spherical colored glass rock? First, the stained glass rock is very convenient in the use process. We don’t need to spend too much energy to learn how to use it. This is very good for us. Brought us a lot of help. Second, the operation of the product does not require us to bother to learn how to use it. This is better. We don’t need to worry about the existence of the problem. When using it, we will not feel the problem due to the operation. More troublesome, this is extremely good. Third, the performance of the product is very, very good, we can feel it during use, and the convenience of performance can help us a lot. Copyright: Keywords: glass rock manufacturers, stained glass rocks, craft glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, natural glass rocks, stained glass rocks
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