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Glass rock: the use of road marking glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
The use of road marking glass beads Glass stone road marking glass beads play an auxiliary warning role for drivers and pedestrians. Remind people to regulate their behavior. Remind the driver's attention, keep a clear head, and reduce traffic accidents. The glass beads play an anti-skid effect, and the anti-skid performance under dry conditions and rainy days. Play a guard against traffic accidents caused by slippery roads on rainy days. The author will tell you the classification and function of road marking glass beads. The use of road marking glass beads The glass stone road marking glass beads are based on different use conditions, which can be divided into two modes, one is sprayed glass beads and the other is premixed glass beads. The surface spraying of glass beads is to spread the wet marking paint directly after the paint draws the marking on the road surface. The premixed glass beads are used to add the glass beads to the pavement coating and mix together and stir evenly before marking the road marking paint. Glass beads are mainly used in normal temperature and hot-melt road marking paints. Pre-mixed glass beads can ensure long-term reflection during the life span, while the surface of the glass beads can reflect timely. The road marking glass beads of the glass rock road marking paint manufacturer can be used as the reflective material in the road marking, which can greatly improve the reflective performance of the road marking paint, thereby increasing the importance of night driving. It has been given by the transportation departments of various countries. confirm. When a car is driving at night, the lights on the road markings with glass beads can reflect the light from the lights in parallel, so that the driver can see the direction of travel clearly, which increases the importance of driving at night. At present, reflective glass beads have become an indispensable reflective material in road safety products. Glass rock
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