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Glass sand dyed with color can be used as a decoration or used in art

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-03
If this kind of glass sand is dyed, it can still be used as a decoration or in the field of art. However, this kind of use can actually be found in daily life. Just as we can see in some shops in the shopping mall, there are some more sophisticated gifts that are decorated with this kind of glass sand. So for this kind of use, it is better first, because Qingdao glass sand is dyed with various colors, it looks very beautiful. There is also such a use, silica sand; the use of silica sand is mainly used to make a glass product, but for this kind of simple use, we can see the glass production we are using. So for this kind of use, it is understandable in our daily life, but relatively speaking, this kind of silicon-containing sand, in fact, ordinary sand contains silicon. Since ordinary sand contains silicon, which one is our choice? Generally speaking, the more silicon contained in sand is the best material for making glass. Everyone also knows the use of glass, where we have seen some, but relatively speaking, the scope of this use is also the best use! Glass rock uniformity refers to the uniformity of the chemical composition present in the glass. In the immersion oil with the same refractive index as the base glass, the difference in the chemical composition in the glass sphere causes the difference in refractive index. When the light passes through the ball and is reflected on the screen, it shows convergence and divergence in different directions, that is, bright and dark stripes. Under the illumination of a point light source, as the oil immersion pan that holds the ball gradually leaves the screen, due to the divergence of the refracted light, the stripes gradually mold to the lake until they disappear. At this time, the distance between the oil immersion pan and the screen is the disappearance distance of the glass ball stripes. Use it to characterize the uniformity of glass balls. Copyright: Keywords: glass rock manufacturers, stained glass rocks, craft glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, natural glass rocks, stained glass rocks
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