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Glass stone manufacturers share with you the main uses of glass sand

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-01
1. The surface matt treatment of stainless steel products. 2. Used for cleaning various molds. 3. Cleaning and removing edge thorns before tinning on semiconductor devices and plastic encapsulation tubes. 4. Shot peening for medical equipment, textile machinery and various hardware products...5. Surface cleaning, beautification, etching, pre-treatment, hair removal, stress relief, and mold processing. Alumina sandblasting performance and advantages: 1. The chemical composition is silicon dioxide, and there is no concern about chemical activity interference; 2. Round elastic particles, impact resistant, can be cycled many times, and less loss; 3. Small abrasion to spray, extending nozzle use Life; 4. The surface of the sphere will not damage the machined surface and precise dimensions; 5. After treatment, the surface of the workpiece is smooth and has a special beauty, which improves the value of the product; 6. The fine glass rock for metal micro cracks is easy to display after wet sandblasting Come out;  1. The emery will clean the glass without impurities. 2. Emery abrasives first apply the glass sand adhesive to the glass by spraying, hand-painting, and printing the required patterns on the glass 3. Before the glass stone sand is dried, the glass sand is sprinkled by hand or by sieving Glass 4. Brown corundum adheres to the oil to form the desired effect.    5. The glass adheres to the oil to achieve the desired effect 6. The glass sand that is not adhered to the oil can be recycled and reused 7. This set of glass sand can also be used for screen printing to make decals. It is recommended to use low thixotropy printing ink 80821 glass rock manufacturer, stained glass rock, craft glass rock, Qingdao stained glass rock, natural glass rock, dyed glass rock, Qingdao Glass rock,, Qingdao craft glass rock, Qingdao natural glass rock, Qingdao stained glass rock, Huizhou glass rock, Zhongshan glass rock, Guangzhou glass rock Website:
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