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Grade 1 craft glass rock

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-27
Grade 1 Process Glass Rock Product Description Chemical composition and physical performance specifications (MM) Good gloss, high transparency, rounding rate above 95%, stable chemical properties, suitable for crafts and transparent fillers with high quality requirements, a wide range of cosmetic media or Decoration, glass surface decoration, toys, etc. As a surface decoration for Christmas trees, artificial fruits and artificial flowers, it enhances the lifelike effect of Christmas trees and artificial products. SiO2AL2O3CaOMgONa2O specific gravity: 2.45g/cm30.071-0.0900.10-0.150.15-0.200.2-0.40.4-0.60.6-0.80.8-1.01.0-1.51.5-2.02.0-2.52.5- 3.03.0-3.53.5-4.04.0-5.05.0-6.0 false specific gravity: 1.5g/cm3 microhardness: ≥635kg/mm2 refractive index: ≥1.52nd rounding rate: ≥95%
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