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Grasping the glass beads relieved my cervical spondylosis

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
Glass beads  are very common in daily life. This little gadget is really a rare 'fitness weapon'. In   's house, the two little grandchildren played with the remaining glass beads and threw them everywhere, which is a pity. When I was fine, I used glass beads as a small fitness equipment, and it worked well.   For example, use glass beads to play 'Grabbing Stones'. The method is very simple. Throw five glass beads with one hand, throw one glass bead into the air, and place the other four on the table. When the glass bead in the air falls, grab all the glass beads scattered on the surface and catch the falling glass beads.   The difficulty can be increased. The first level is to catch one glass bead at a time, and you will pass the level if you finish catching them; the second level is to catch two at a time; and so on. There is also a difficult gameplay called 'laying eggs   In the process of playing, a few small glass beads fly around in the hand, which is very beneficial for coordinating the ability of hand-eye coordination. For people who use computers, the cervical spine has also been exercised inadvertently between the head up and down, which relieved my cervical spondylosis without knowing it.
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