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Hourglass glass rock characteristics

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-27
Hourglass glass rock has the following characteristics: 1. The glass rock is coated with a layer of organic film with good hydrophobicity on the surface, so the coated glass rock has strong hydrophobicity, which effectively solves the problem in the use process. Moisture absorption problem. 2. After the glass rock is coated, the strong polar base existing before the coating is changed to the non-polar base, so the coated hourglass glass rock has a certain self-cleaning ability, which reduces the phenomenon of the glass rock adsorbing dust in the air and is not easily polluted. 3. Chemical composition: SiO2 u003e72% CaOu003e8.0% 4. Specific gravity: 2.4-2.6 g/cubic centimeter 5. Appearance: smooth, round, transparent glass without impurities 6. Rounding rate: ≥95% or more 7. Glass The content of air bubbles in the rock beads is less than 8%. 8. Uniformity: up and down does not exceed 5% of the required particle size. Specification, model, mesh unit (mm) 1800.1821000.1531200.12541500.10551800.070
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