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How about the beauty and environmental protection of the craft colored glass beads?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-23
From the appearance, the colored glass beads are diverse in colors, white, red, and yellow, showing a sense of colorfulness, which makes them used for color decoration. Country roads, paintings, calligraphy, jewelry, etc. have its involvement. Because of its overall exquisiteness, Arranged neatly, with a strong sense of hierarchy, matching the object itself, full of sense of picture, used for the overall decoration of the door and the construction of houses. Therefore, it is loved by architects. The colorful houses show the owner's enthusiasm for life. u200dIn fact, many people are wrong and think that it may be a relatively common decorative item, but it is not! It is mainly used in places such as aerospace and zebra crossings on urban traffic roads. This kind of place mainly uses glass beads for night reflection, and traffic signs use this product! Today, I will introduce you to the first advantage of this product: the quality is relatively light. We will find that compared to other products, the quality of glass beads will be very light. In the actual application process, because of this lighter weight advantage, it also brings him many applications. Second: the thermal conductivity is relatively low. Third: Hardness is better. The fourth is that the chemistry is relatively stable, so at present, this product is still very extensive in the trial application process!
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