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How to accurately recognize the characteristics of glass beads?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-23
How to accurately recognize the characteristics of glass beads? 2020-06-05 Through the recent customer survey and return visit, we found that many customers are not very clear about glass beads and hope that the manufacturer can further explain. Today, the author will share the relevant information that I have consulted with you, hoping to inspire and help you. 1. The sphere is relatively smooth. The individual glass beads are spheres, they are regular, and the surface is relatively smooth, so it is easy to add some pores that irregular objects cannot make up. It can glide into each pore of the object, and Because it is a sphere, it has better compression resistance, and it is not easy to deform even under strong pressure. 2. Stable properties The chemical properties of glass beads are relatively stable. This stability is shown in that they can chemically react with some substances but are not easy to self-decompose, deteriorate and fail at high temperatures. Therefore, glass beads can be used in the aerospace field, even It can maintain a stable chemical hardness even under high air pressure, which can ensure the normal flight of the aircraft. 3. Physically accelerated glass beads are chemically stable and not prone to qualitative changes, but glass beads can accelerate its movement at high temperatures. Glass beads are very sensitive to temperature. The higher the temperature, the more fluid its fluidity. Larger, the faster it can swim inside the physics, the faster the reaction time of the object will be.
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