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How to choose high-quality glass rock?

by:Spring Glass     2021-03-02
During the production process, the coarse sand is ground into fine sand, and the fine sand is ground into fine powder. Color fastness:    artificially synthesized glass rock currently has two processes, one is high-temperature sintering, which is similar to the coloring of ceramics, and the other is chemical coloring. Both processes have their own advantages and disadvantages. First, let’s talk about high-temperature sintering and high-temperature sintering. The advantages of sintering are good color fastness, more uniform coloring, and brighter colors. Weather resistance: The weather resistance of the color part is determined by the physical properties of PU   carrier resin and inorganic pigments. All chemically colored sand uses high-quality international brand inorganic Pigments, we do not use bright organic pigments with poor weather resistance in principle. As a sand wall-like coating for stone imitation, glass rock is colored with darker inorganic pigments. This is also in line with the mainstream of natural stone's darker main color. of. The detection method can be artificial aging. Solvent resistance:    This point is determined by the PU carrier resin. The excellent performance of the chemical bond cross-linked PU resin is recognized in the industry. The detection method is very simple. Use the film-forming auxiliary to observe whether there is any discoloration. can. The stability of the color batch,    is the main advantage of synthetic glass rock compared to natural glass rock. The coloring of synthetic glass rock is all monitored by the world-leading Finnish CPS color mixing system to ensure the stability of the color batch And reproducibility. The breadth of the color gamut:    This is also the main advantage of synthetic glass rock compared with natural glass rock. As mentioned earlier, there are only a dozen colors of natural glass rock that can be supplied stably on the market at present. The color gamut of glass rock can be theoretically unlimited. Many people in the industry love collecting sand paintings, and a pair of exquisite sand paintings is no less than collecting oil paintings. As the processing technology of stained glass rock becomes more and more mature, I firmly believe that the art of sand painting will enter ordinary people’s homes and even classrooms in the future. The colorful sand paintings are especially suitable for children in the kindergarten and children at this stage. Rich in imagination, stained glass rocks will definitely be liked by children. In addition, there are many benefits of stained glass rock. Copyright: Keywords: glass rock manufacturers, stained glass rocks, craft glass rocks, Qingdao stained glass rocks, natural glass rocks, stained glass rocks
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