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How to improve the strength and toughness of shot peened glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-25
Glass beads are easy to break in many cases. Some people ask whether they can improve their strength and toughness. The answer is definitely yes. Today I will explain how to improve the strength and toughness of shot-peened glass beads: To improve the strength and toughness of shot-peened glass beads, there are the following aspects: The first aspect: Of course, we To improve its strength and toughness, it must be improved from the material. The strength and toughness of ordinary shot peened glass beads cannot be related. Today’s shot peened glass beads are not like other glass beads. The well is made on the material, there must be a special shot peened glass bead glass formula, the raw materials are prepared according to the formula, and the glass blocks are crushed and screened according to the specifications. Then it is fired and annealed in the furnace, and then sieved according to specifications, and the finished product is packaged. The formula is particularly important throughout the manufacturing process. The formula of our company is a dense formula developed by the Silicate Institute of East China University of Science and Technology. Its hardness, threadability, and roundness are all higher than SAE (American Society of Automotive Engineers) standards, and meet the national requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection. . The second aspect: In the production process, some details are reflected, so that our glass beads have the above required characteristics, first of all, higher requirements for annealing. After shot peening glass beads are formed, there are many irregular distributions inside the beads, and uneven residual stress will greatly reduce their strength. Fragmentation will occur at any time during use. The source of fragmentation often occurs in places where stress is concentrated. The annealing process can eliminate these stresses. The annealing time and annealing speed in the annealing process directly affect the strength of shot peened glass beads. This is the annealing process, which gives our glass beads its unique characteristics. The third aspect is that the influence of strength is related to the internal structure. The rounding rate of shot peened glass beads also affects its mechanical strength. Under the same material, the more sharp glass beads, the stronger its strength. Low; the higher the rounding rate, the higher the strength. So in the process of our processing in this respect, we must take a look. The fourth aspect, in the process of processing and cullet, its uniformity is a good representation of its strength composition. The better the uniformity of shot peening glass beads, the more uniform the force of the working parts in the shot peening process, the lower the relative breakage rate, and the longer the service life of consumables. When we are processing, the uniformity of the material, the more uniform the better the molding. The above four aspects let us know how shot peened glass beads can improve their strength and toughness. In the process of our processing, not all applications require products with good strength and toughness. According to different needs, different requirements will be imposed on the specifications of the products. How to change the processing depends entirely on the specifications of our products. Claim.
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