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How to make the glass bead relief effect

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-22
How to make glass bead embossing effect? 1. Product Series Name Color Firing temperature 50101 Green 540-580℃ 50102 Green 540-580℃ 50201 Blue 540-580℃ 50301 Yellow 540-580℃ 50401 Black 540-580℃ 50701 Orange 540-580℃ 50902 Transparent 540 -580℃ 2. Firing temperature: 520-580 degrees 540-580 3. Instructions for use: 1. Clean the glass beads without impurities. 2. First apply the crystal glass bead adhesive to the glass beads by spraying, hand-painting, and printing. 3. Before the oil is dry, sprinkle the crystal glass beads on the glass beads by hand or by sieving Top 4. The glass beads glued to the oil will form the desired effect. 5. The crystal glass beads that are not glued to the oil can be recycled. 6. This set of crystal glass beads can also be used for screen printing to make decals and screen printing It is recommended to use low thixotropy ink 80821 IV. Remarks 1. If the firing temperature is too low, the crystal glass beads may fall and cannot be fused to the glass beads. 2. If the firing temperature is too high, the crystal glass beads may melt flat and fail. The effect of particle formation 3. The burning is too fast, the ink cannot be completely burned out, and the residual effect is formed 4. If the glass beads are burned vertically, in order to prevent the crystal glass beads from falling during the burning process, it is recommended to use our crystal glass beads Adhesive 89940 helps fusion
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